With over a decade of priceless experience managing multinational corporate travels for reputable companies, we are is committed to delivering high-quality services and efficient booking processes in the industry. We make planning your business trips as easy and convenient as it can get and find the best itineraries, so there’s nothing to worry about when you’ve got us at your service.


We offer the finest corporate travel services from strategy down to support. When you’re running low on brilliant ideas, you can trust us to give germane advice on local options and offer critical solutions to get you back on track and put your company at the top of your game. You get nothing but tailor-made corporate travel solutions when your employees book within your policy.


Being with KAPICO, there’s absolutely no need for internal travel desk. Complex booking procedures could get annoying at times, so about skipping all that to try our efficient booking system that’s quite easy and straightforward. With just call or a few clicks you could finish up the booking process. And that’s not all, the system is pretty flexible as it allows you to manage it with ease and make changes effectively. It’s possible and easy to track your activities on the system whenever you want to.


If you are searching for superior account management, then search no further; All personal information and travel preferences are stored so you don’t have to go through the stress of manually enter your details every time you make a booking. Avoid tiresome expense reporting and get consolidated reporting, every travel booking will be automatically matched-up with your exclusive company’s expense so you don’t have to deal with clumsy expense reports.


Contact us to leverage our large travel network advantage to gain access to extra benefits like complimentary upgrades in selected hotels, rental cars, and lots more. So why don’t you leave it to experts to get the job done efficiently and ensure your company gets a burden-free experience. Engage with us today to cut your company business travel costs and save lots of time. Let’s manage your company travel budgets to maximise travel savings