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Mastering the art of perfect adventure for 10+ years in the wild!

KAPICO Travels is an experienced and full service travel management company that offers the finest travel services to its customers. A highly professional company that works in a well organized environment, understanding each traveler is unique and their requirements can very much vary depending on their interests and preferences. Our team possesses of some of the finest travel consultants who are well trained and updated with industry knowledge that helps with every activity once our customers are planning for a travel.

At KAPICO, there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction and we settle for nothing less than the best and it starts with our people and process. Our competent team makes sure that the entire travelling process starting from reservation till our customers are back from travel, everything is extremely smooth as per our customers’ expectations.

Be it corporate traveler or just wanderlust looking for leisure or adventure, one can hire us for the best packages which are the most luxurious and affordable. Our experienced team assures that each of our customer get personalized treatment and every requirement is fulfilled with perfection. Our land arrangement destination partners are carefully chosen and are hand-picked, who are well resourced and one of the best in the industry delivering high quality, personalized care to our customers.
To entertain the diverse requirements of the global traveler, we have a highly experienced team that comprises of skilled personnel who are specialists. For instance, we have a dedicated team of associates for ticketing, a team which handles worldwide hotel reservations, an experienced team of guides for groups and corporate tours.

We believe in attention to details and strive to fulfill each specific need of the customer and this is one of the major reasons for our success. Once a customer shares the initial information with us, they can just sit back and relax as we provide the most comprehensive options, leaving no stones upturned in order to offer a refreshing travel experience.
Enabling technology is the key for a new generation travel management company and we have an exceptionally advanced technological platform through which the customer can get several options of travel packages, enquirer for hotel reservations, transfer services and perform various other travel tasks online. In a nutshell, one can now use all our quality services with a simple click.

Customer support is an integral part of any reputed company and we truly realize it. Our extremely diverse and capable customer support teams speak your language and offer seamless support to our customers. This simply means that one can get in touch at any time and one of our representatives would help them out in no time. One can get in touch through our online chat, call us on our helpline or just send a mail, with one of the support team members will be there to assist in quick time.

KAPICO Travels serves many of the biggest multinational companies, schools, banks other prestigious organizations as a part of its esteemed clientele when they have to make an important business trips be it events or conferences. Our patrons include a large set of customers from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds who seek different kinds of travel options for adventure, relaxation, pleasure, tourism and religious purposes. We foster with care each of the travel ideas, making sure that every trip is a memorable experience.

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KAPICO’s deep rooted value empowers its staffs towards a customer centric culture which is fundamental to building customer trust, which has a major role in our success.

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“To become the most trusted one stop travel solutions provider in Kuwait, transforming even the most complex travel solutions into a simple yet enriching travel experience.”

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“Our mission is to simplify the travel planning experience for our clients and offering our individual, group and corporate travelers a reliable, smarter, comfortable and affordable travel choice. We will deliver a relaxed, fun filled & enjoyable experiences for leisure travelers and an expert and professional support to our corporate and group travelers for a rewarding and treasured travel experience.”

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Hard work

We strongly believe that our hard work makes your dreams work. We have a highly talented team that works day in and day out to serve the customers in the best way. We do not adopt any shortcuts in business, because we are a thorough professional organization. Many of our customers have exhaustive routines and may not be able to manage travelling tasks. Even then, they do not have to worry about anything because they count on us. They know that we would work hard to have everything ready and in line well before the travel date.

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Honesty cannot be replaced by anything and dishonest organizations cannot stay long in business. We do not exaggerate anything about our services to get more clients, but deliver what we promise. We believe in facts and work hard to get better each day. We do not use any unethical methods to earn money by applying hidden charges or charging higher prices and have a transparent billing system. Whether it is a flight booking, hotel reservation or a travel package done, our customers would know what they are paying for. Professionalism is extremely important for us and we have very high standards for it.

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Time Bond

When it is about travel bound it’s always time bound. Getting things done without any delay is one of the key areas in our process. Our team starts working on customer requests as soon we receive them, we coordinate with several sources and agencies to make sure we present the best options as per the customer requirements in time. Our customers never have to wait for things or send reminders to get things done on time.

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At KAPICO, we go the extra mile and do not stop only at fulfilling the standard requirements. The finer details are very crucial to make sure that customers have a hassle-free travel experience. For every enquiry, we have a meticulous plan with properly defined timelines. Our support team always keeps tabs on reminders to customers about flights, airport pickups, drop offs, hotel reservation timings and various other things to make the customer that everything is being taken care of and he does not have to worry about anything.

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A trustworthy bond

Trust is the important pillar of our success; we share a very trustworthy and long standing relationship with all our clients. The reason that we have the many of the established business, professionals and the most aware customers as a part of our clientele is through demonstrating goodwill and gaining trust over the years.

``Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”