In today’s world of uncertainty, imagine losing all the money you’ve already paid to arrange a perfect holiday trip all because an emergency that’s out of your control pops up. Don’t let disruptions cost you when you suffer unpleasant experience during travel, and that’s why travel insurance becomes an important aspect of every journey.

Because you can’t control everything that happens to you before and while you’re away on a trip, travel insurance guarantees you and your property are safe and endure minimal possible damage so that you don’t have to squander your money when some things go wrong. Enjoy peace of mind every time you travel temporarily beyond the shores of your home country, knowing that you’re protected against any unforeseen circumstances, potential injuries, medical emergencies, and lost belongings by a reputable travel insurance companies.

We offer insurances packages that cover all age groups, from children to seniors so that everyone’s happy and safe with us. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, we’ve got you covered. It is designed to cover flight accidents, trip cancellations, medical expenses, lost luggage, and other losses that may be incurred while travelling. Get rightfully reimbursed on delays and cancelled flights and other losses.

Enjoy flexible travel insurance system and policies that allow you a wide range of benefits on every travel to any location and at any time. You can sign up for single insurance that has you entirely covered for a single trip, or arrange for long-term insurance that has you covered over a number of travels at once.

KAPICO is poised to ensure customers who put in their trust with us are guaranteed of an integrated insurance and financial service. We have an outstanding reputation for partnering with leading global insurers delivering superior insurance coverage to all types of travellers, enquire or call now to book your insurance cover today.